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Street-Art, or Urban Art is an artistic contemporary movement that can contain every types of Arts

that can be realized : in the street, in public areas, 

on the walls, the doors, the pavements. 

And artists can use really various methods of creation, 

such as : tags, stencils, stickers, posters, 

cut-out, ceramic (etc.) 


This specific term is used because Street Art

has to be distinguished from a territorial movement which is led by vandalism and illegality. Street Art is not always done

in a legal way but its artistic value is not questionable.


The Urban Art is alive thanks to a generation who wanted to express itself (and show itself to many people), but who also wanted to let its visual signature by (sometimes)

infringing laws; a way for this generation to exist

within the society.


The Street Art is a powerful tool of contestation, provocation and subversion.All the Street Artists exhibit their art in the same place : the street."I wanderer in the streets of Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Haïfa. I walked to discover walls, doors, abandoned buildings, ephemeral works of all the Israeli Street Artists and others; known or anonymous.


Israeli Street Artists : Dede, Known Hope, Klone, Foma, Smig, Sboy, Latzi, Wonky Monky, Sened, Jack TML, Broken Fingaz ...


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